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   P R I Z E  
A rare promotional Haunt EP CD 
Tracklist includes Pompeii, Overjoyed, Bad Blood, and the Haunt Demo
   R U L E S
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No giveaway-only blogs please
Following me is probably a good idea
Winner will be announced Oct 21st
Anyone, anywhere could win!
Good luck and make sure you check out my store for all your unofficial merch needs.

hiya everyone! I recently hit my follower goal and decided I want to give back! I am giving away a signed CD and a necklace. The necklace pictured is mine, the one that will be given away is brand new in packaging. The giveaway is worldwide and I will ship to wherever the winner is located. I got a few CDs signed at the signing I attended, so I have no problem giving a CD to someone who wants it more than I do! All you have to do is follow my account (dirtyblacktshirt) and reblog as many times as you’d like for a chance to win! I’ll pick the winner on September 18th, as I am on vacation until then. The winner will be chosen at random!
Thank you very much and good luck to everyone!
- Heather xxxx


some bastille photo book pics [1/2] [x]

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Kubana, Russia. 2014 - (x)

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It’s just too cute when Dan’s smiling

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Bastille full concert 720p live @ Sziget festival

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@bastilledan: to the bleed’in stage (x)

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